Kid Cudi | Indicud


It’s been no secret that the release date for Cudi’s Indicud  was pulled back after premature online leaks. The album seems to have been released April 12th on UK iTunes despite blogs quoting April 16th – maybe its me that’s confused.  After managing to get a listen last week – it doesn’t fail to live up to its hype. It has distinctive fresh new flow & various collaborations that add great dimension.  As his 3rd solo album Cudi has brought in big-hitters like A$AP, Kendrick Lamar, RZA & even indie rock group Haim.

“I’ve done a lot of collabs with people that, on paper, people are going to be like, ‘Oh shit!’ It’s already been put out there that I did a song with Too Short,” he said. “I can wait for people to hear that. That’s one of those jams that you wouldn’t expect and it’s exactly what you expect of Kid Cudi. There’s a lot of energy. It’s one of my favorites. RZA for sure is on there. Too Short and Kendrick Lamar is on there. I got a session with A$AP [Rocky] tonight. So we’ll see what happens. We’ve been working the last couple of days. I got this group called Haim…they’re so dope. We were able to do a jam with something me and Hit-Boy did. It’s a song that we’ve been trying to make happen for, like, two years now. I had the idea to get the girls on it and we reworked the beat a little bit. That will definitely be on there.”

Some of the images featured in the digital booklet:





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